The Purely Polished team is made up of qualified nail technicians handpicked from the best. They are Australian trained, professional and are guaranteed to give a positive, personal and exceptional experience every time.

Professional and friendly, our manicurists work to relax, give amazing services but most importantly they want to make our clients happy! You can expect the utmost respect for you and your home, the highest level of hygiene and great conversation. With ongoing support and training by Purely Polished, our nail technicians are able flourish as business women and grow their careers without being confined to a salon.

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At Purely Polished we strive to create the best work environments for our nail technicians. The sad truth is, many nail technicians are exploited in the nail salon industry. Working in unsafe work environments, being over worked and underpaid, nail technicians are often not protected within the industry.

We at Purely Polished strive to disrupt the nail industry which often lacks transparency and accountability. The treatment and working conditions of our Purely Polished nail technicians are paramount to us. We are dedicated to giving nail technicians the freedom and power to work when they want, where they want and for a fair wage.

We believe happy nail technicians provide the best quality services, and our Purely Polished Nail Technicians are proud to be part of the PP team.

So when you’re having a Purely Polished manicure or pedicure (or both!), you can relax that little bit more knowing that you’re supporting a business that truly cares for and treats their nail technicians well.