A Little LVLY Goes A Long Way

Want to brighten someone’s day?

We knew you would say yes!

With same day delivery across Melbourne & Sydney, LVLY brings you more than just funky flowers, glamorous gifts and sweet treats. Defining LVLY is one simple purpose: to create happy surprises, along with big smiles and loads of fun.

LVLY 1.png

Born on opposite sides of the world, a hunger for new adventures and a passion for the creative industry saw two similar paths collide in 2011, when Hannah and Verity became colleagues in a Sydney based advertising agency.

The Unwrapping

Fast forward 3 years, it was goodbye agency, hello LVLY. A close friendship, shared appreciation for the talent of Australian designers and a brief stint as house mates, lead to the launch of the ever so lovely, LVLY.

Isn't it every girls dream to to business with their bestie?

LVLY 2.png

The Rise

Their determination lies in supporting local producers and designers- placing a huge focus on sourcing close to home. Quickly expanding, they started out down South at pretty Prahran and have now headed North to inner city Sydney, where their cool colours stand out in the quirky burb of Alexandria.

Insta worthy if you ask me!

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So, Where to Next?

Blossoming with Hannah and Verity’s passion is Purely Polished. Over here at PP, we’ve teamed up to help enhance lovely experiences. In the past, our partnership has involved delivering flower jars and express mani-pedis on all occasions. Whether it be a baby shower, Mother’s Day, birthday or a warm gesture- we’re all about those random acts of kindness!

With thanks to @hello_lvly, there were a few happy campers after the recent pamper giveaway. Delivering pops of colour, from polish to fresh and vibrant blooms, has never been more rewarding.  A relaxing mani-pedi in the comfort of your home or office has certainly proven to be the perfect solution to peace and convenience.

LVLY 4.png

But, this time around PP want to help you fill that blank space on your work desk, your friends living room, or even the hole in their heart. Let us give you the chance to give a gift, to yourself or someone else, with the chance to win a LVLY treat.

A freshly arranged posy in a trademark flower jar, this is the perfect way to celebrate the great days, the rough days and everything in between. 

Don’t make it about what you get, but what you have to give. While we love scoring brownie points, it’s even more fulfilling to put a smile on someone’s face-make sure you capture those priceless reactions.

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To do something lovely for that someone special, for competition deets or to simply enjoy browsing our feed, head over to @purelypolishedau. Don’t forget to share your experiences.

Images sourced from @hello_lvly instagram, with thanks.


Technician Talks: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About SNS Manicures

Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 3.18.49 pm.png

You will have heard about it – the new trend that is taking the nail world by storm, the magical cure-all that promises to make your nails longer and stronger. So what exactly is an SNS manicure? And does it really do everything on the label? This month, our Purely Polished clients have been asking some common questions about SNS nails. Here’s what our professionals had to say in response.

Purely Polished now offers SNS services in Melbourne. Book an SNS manicure by clicking the button below!

What is SNS?

SNS stands for Signature Nail Systems and is actually a salon brand name, like O.P.I, CND Shellac or Kerastase. The product that is usually referred to as ‘SNS’ is Signature Nail System’s acrylic dipping system called the Gelous Dip System. It is an alternative to gel polish or traditional acrylic, which gives you the added strength of traditional acrylic nails without the long removal process. 

How is SNS applied and removed? 

First, your nails are prepped and primed in exactly the same way that they are for acrylic application. Depending on whether you just want the SNS on top of your natural nails (what we would refer to as an ‘overlay’) or whether you want extra length, tips may be glued on and filed at this stage. Your technician will then brush on a layer of bonding agent, and immediately dip your nail in the coloured powder of your choice. This process is repeated four to five times, to create the required strength and structure. Finally, an activator is brushed on to set the nails. Like acrylic, SNS quickly air dries so there is no need for an LED or UV light. Although there is a process for infilling, many salons do not provide SNS fills, so when you return with regrowth you will have to do a full removal and re-application. It is removed by soaking, in the same way that Shellac is removed. 

Is SNS hygienic? 

Whilst the risk of infection from an SNS service is relatively low, particularly in a country like Australia, the dipping process is not especially hygienic. Industry scientists generally recommend that the powder be poured over the nail rather than dipped in, to avoid the spread of infection. This can be a big problem if the filing involved in the prep process has lead to small abrasions on the skin around your nail. 

Is this a new technology? 

Not at all. Acrylic dip systems have been around since the early 1980s, however fell out of fashion in the 90’s and are making a resurgence. Traditional dip systems used regular acrylic powder. SNS have updated the old system, by creating much more finely milled acrylic powders and reformulating their bonding agent.   

What is in SNS?

The powders used in SNS are exactly the same as traditional acrylic powders, just a bit more finely milled. The difference between traditional acrylic and SNS is in the bonding agent. Traditional acrylics harden by creating a chemical reaction between the liquid and the powder. The bonding agent in SNS is resin-based and the key ingredients are the same as that used in superglue. The chemical reaction is between the resin and the moisture from the activator. This means that the liquid used in SNS does not smell strongly, like acrylic liquid does. 

Is SNS better for my nails than gel or acrylic? 

There is very little evidence that SNS is any better or worse for your nails than gel polish, hard gel or acrylic. What causes damage to your natural nails is not the product itself, but the application and removal process. This is why your technician will advise you not to pick at or peel off your gel or acrylic. Dip systems often claim to have vitamins and nutrients that help your nails grow longer and stronger. It is important to remember, however, that the only living part of your nail is under your skin. Technicians often like to remind our clients that the only proven way of maintaining the strength of our nails is through regular use of nourishing cuticle oils and creams. 

In the same way that regular haircuts prevent hair breakages and so promote growth, any strengthening layer such as SNS that is placed over your natural nail will prevent breakages. This often makes it feel like your nail is growing longer, faster – however it just means your nails have had a chance to grow without being broken off or bitten down. 

Why pick SNS over acrylic or gel? 

When you pick your nail service, there are lots of different things to weigh up. Ultimately, no nail service is totally perfect for everybody, 100% of the time. It’s important to go with a service that will suit you and your lifestyle best. 

Gel polish is a great pop of colour that stays looking great for much longer than regular nail polish, and maintains a protective layer for the surface of your nails. Hard gel provides added length and strength but is more flexible than acrylic and SNS, and so is great for people who want long lasting, beautiful nails but require regular, rough use of their hands. Acrylic provides length and strength and is very versatile, as it is moulded in to shape by your technician. It can be used, therefore, to create beautiful nails in all different lengths and shapes, with a whole host of different designs. 

SNS provides a bit of extra strength and length to your nails, whilst maintaining a lightweight feel. It is much thinner than acrylic but thicker than gel polish. It’s a great way of getting a bit of extra strength in your nails, whilst maintaining a more “natural-looking” finish. 

We hope we were able to answer all your SNS questions! It’s always a great idea to thoroughly research a service before you get it done, so that you are aware of the risks or possible problems beforehand. Most importantly, though, remember to have fun with your nails! They’re an expression of you – from a classic French to nail art and beyond. 

Purely Polished in the Gritty Pretty Little Black Book of Beauty!

Purely Polished is proud to have been given the Gritty Pretty stamp of approval!

Tried and trusted by the beauty experts at Gritty Pretty, we are now featured on the newly launched 'Little Black Book of Beauty'.

The Little Black Book of Beauty came about due to the numerous requests received by Founder & CEO, Eleanor Pendleton of online magazine and beauty platform Gritty Pretty.

Beauty lovers from around Australia need not fret anymore when they travel interstate or are looking to try the best in the bizz locally.

Each listing in the Little Black Book of Beauty has been road tested (and approved!) by a beauty expert at Gritty Pretty.

Purely Polished is proud and excited to have been included in the directory. Servicing Sydney & Melbourne, Purely Polished is a mobile nail service that can come to your home, office or hotel. With nail technicians who are at the forefront of the industry and a focus on natural alternatives to harsh chemicals, a Purely Polished service will have you feeling pampered, rejuvenated and ready to post that glorious #nailsdid photo.

To check out the best salons and services for all your beauty needs, check out it out

Introducing our Newest Blog Contributor: Lizzie!

Lizzie is a licensed nail technician in Melbourne, owner of Granny Talons Nail Design and part of our Purely Polished team! She is passionate about educating the public on nail services, and providing an insight in to the industry. She particularly loves to hand paint nail art. 

Lizzie has a degree in English Literature and Germanic Studies from Sydney University and loves to read and paint in her spare time.

Lizzie will be serving up beauty advice and tricks of the nail trade that will be sure to help you keep your nails looking polished all the time! 

Welcome Lizzie!

Our 5 Top Tips for Fresh Summer Feet!

 Source: Nixsi

Source: Nixsi

It’s so easy to forget about our feet especially in the summer months when we’re just trying to stay on top of the heat and the partying. But when we’re wearing strappy sandals with our tootsies on display, our feet take centre stage and it's easy to be embarrassed by their state! These 5 tips will help you keep your feet looking mighty fine throughout the hotter months and all the summer dancing!


All January we have 10% off all pedicure services! Quote "RIGHTFOOT10" in the comments section of your booking & choose the pay later option.


1. Keep your feet hydrated! Generally our feet take a real beating, and it’s even worse in the summer when we’re hitting the beach all the time. We know the effects of salt water on our hair and faces, but we neglect the effect that it has on our feet. Walking on piping hot sand and then soaking our feet in salt water can leave our feet looking worse for wear. That’s why it’s important to keep feet moisturised to prevent cracking and dry feet. We suggest using a hand cream or jojoba oil on your feet just before bed -it won’t be too oily and it will be able to soak into your feet whilst you’re off them for a few hours!

2. All the parties and late summer nights are great, but can easily leave our feet tired and sore. Throw in a pair of heels and it’s a recipe for big, painful blisters. Take a pair of comfy small shoes with you (in a bag) if you’ve got a long event! Thongs or slides are perfect and we guarantee the journey home will be 100% more enjoyable! Best advice we’ve ever received!

 Source: Reader's Digest

Source: Reader's Digest

3. Get rid of dry skin and calluses by grabbing a foot mask and a scrub! Tough skin on your heels can be vanished by a bit of TLC and this can rejuvenate your whole foot! Foot masks are now readily available at most beauty stores and exfoliating scrubs will make your feet feel like heaven! 

4. Sunscreen! It may seem a little silly, but our legs and feet are often neglected when we go out in the sun- but they’re just as important as any other part of our skin! To avoid a thong shaped sunburn/tan or any damage to the skin on your legs and feet, we recommend a non-oily sunscreen to apply to your feet and legs- so that your shoes aren’t slippery!

 Source: Foot Files

Source: Foot Files

5. Get a pedicure: It’s sandal season, you’re going to be showing those babies off, so you have to take care of them! Getting a pedicure can go a loooong way. Not only is it relaxing, but instead of having to break your back trying to paint your toenails, you can have an experienced Purely Polished Nail Stylist give you the most blissful pedi of your life!

The Best Nail Trends for Summer 2017

summer nails new.jpg

With summer just heating up, our nails are ready to do the talking. The hottest shades are in and this is what we we’ll be wearing over the next few months! Don’t forget, we’re all about the healthy alternative, so all of the polishes we mention are cruelty free, vegan and at least 5-free. You’re welcome and don’t forget to book in your summer mani with us!


Semi-sheers are IN, and it’s all about SHINE! Semi-sheer nails shades along with natural beauty looks are predicted to be popular all summer 17/18, as it’s all about enhancing natural beauty. Sheer polishes compliment every skin tone and are well suited to work environments that don’t allow bright colours. Enhance your beautiful natural nails with a subtle tint, go semi-sheer! 

Check out the beautiful range by Gloss & Co, our favourites are Bare it All & Dreams! Dreams is the same shade worn by Meghan Markle in her engagement announcement pictures!


The highlighter trend has well and truly penetrated the beauty market, and nails are no exception! We definitely believe that your hands and feet shouldn’t be left out of the glow-up! Paint Nail Lacquer's Galactic Rose (made in collaboration with Purely Polished) is a gorgeous formula that shines bright like glam spaceship! Staying on trend with rose gold, If you’re looking for a subtle glow, try Sol by Sienna Byron Bay, or if you want the full glitz and glam of glitter try Kester Black’s Dasher which is a glitter rose gold perfect for Christmas.


Does anything say summer quite like a daring manicure? Fashion is having a nostalgic 60's moment with the resurgence of mustard, but with a twist - we're going neon! The best mustard yellow from Faby, Torna a Sorrento, is an almost fluro mustard shade that we're going to be wearing all summer long! Bubblegum Bang is a beautiful neon pink by I Scream Nails and Paper Sky by Faby is a favourite blue of the moment. If fluro is not for you, but you're still feeling the 60's vibe, try Sienna Byron Bay’s Muse.


As always, white polish comes back for summer, and with good reason- it looks great on everyone! Peaches are also back in full force, and are a refreshing option for those who usually opt for nude. Limed White by Paint Nail Lacquer and Optical White by Faby are our go to white polish, and the peaches to try are ‘In the Buff’ and ‘Impeachment’ by Kester Black.


Whatever you choose for your summer mani, Purely Polish has got you covered. We’ve got shades for everyone and will be able to treat you to the most refreshing mani of summer 17/18!

How to Nail Your Marketing

As a marketer, a key part of your responsibilities is figuring out new ways of differentiating your brand. Consumer brand activations are an integral part of any successful product launch, and crucial to build a positive brand perception. Samplings, in-store marketing, and sponsorships, it’s all been done before. To create a long-lasting emotional connection with your brand, think manicures and pedicures for your next brand activation. Purely Polished is Australia’s leading mobile nail service, with trusted professionals in the industry up to 25 years. Here are some of the benefits brands such as Samsonite Australia and Daniel Wellington have experienced when partnering with Purely Polished:

·   Customisation: We provide highly customised and affordable solutions to your marketing problem. You can choose the polish colour scheme to suit your brand, or even use your own polish. Purely Polished turns luxury into a convenience - two essential needs for the modern, stylish, consumer.  

·   Experience: Induce and reinforce the positive emotional feedback loop in your customers, as they relax and receive the ultimate care in their nails. The perfect opportunity to get highly attentive prospects - you can introduce your new products while your customers are grounded with their nails being done!

·   Convenience: Manicures and pedicures delivered to your event location. All we need are table and chairs, and we supply everything else. Your customers can experience our manicures and pedicures wherever you are located in Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold Coast.

·   Hygiene: We only use 5-free polishes, which don’t contain harmful chemicals such as Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde, Toluene, Formaldehyde Resin (Tosylamide/TSFR) and Camphor. Tools are sterilised after every use, ensuring the strictest level of hygiene by our nail technicians.

·      Not only for the ladies: We cater to both ladies and gentlemen with our manicures. Men can still be primped with a thorough file, shape and buff, and light cuticle care. Ladies have the choice of a wide range of colours to their choosing – or even your brand colour scheme.

We’ve partnered with brands such as: 

“Purely Polished were very professional and friendly. Beautiful work and the women were so delighted to receive this service” - Regina Lysaught, MKTG for Samsonite

Some of our work:

 Samsonite Activation @ Qantas Club Lounge Sydney

Samsonite Activation @ Qantas Club Lounge Sydney

 Daniel Wellington Activation @ The Ovolo Woolloomoo

Daniel Wellington Activation @ The Ovolo Woolloomoo

 Vision Australia Nail Bar @ Ringwood Shopping Centre

Vision Australia Nail Bar @ Ringwood Shopping Centre

 Mother's Day Nail Bar @ The Coogee Pavilion

Mother's Day Nail Bar @ The Coogee Pavilion

 Westpac Home Loan Stand @ City2Fit

Westpac Home Loan Stand @ City2Fit

Case Study: Next UK Clothing

“I was very happy with everything. Media and Influencers had a great time and this was all down to your lovely technicians. Everyone was happy with their manicures and pedicures, and we noticed how professional, friendly and conversational (in a great way!) they were. I will definitely be in touch if we ever require the same services.”
— Stefanie Gidaro, Account Executive, Tomorrowland Group

At Next UK’s launch of their online store, the media and online influencers were gifted a voucher to spend on the online store, and while browsing, they were given pedicures and manicures by our nail stylists.

Contact us at hello@purelypolished.com.au or 0430 924 931 now to see how we can help your brand achieve longer lasting emotional connection for your next activation.  

Attention all men: Do you have nasty nails? Suffer from bleeding cuticles? Jagged nails?

 Men's Manicures

Personal grooming extends past the face and clothes. Hands are the first point of contact with people, because when you first shake hands, they’re the first thing they notice. A well-kept appearance following a manicure may make or break deals that lead to long-lasting personal and business relationships. What kind of first impression would jagged nail edges and bleeding cuticles make? Gone are the days where getting a manicure at a nail salon was a purely feminine pastime. It’s time to step up to get that executive aura you’re craving for. Purely Polished is a mobile manicure service that can help with your nail care and confidence – available in Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold Coast:

1.     Primp in private
Our mobile manicure service means you can primp in the privacy of your office, home or hotel room without the need to spend time to go to a nail salon.  For the ultimate relaxation, you can book our mobile pedicure service and enjoy a luxurious foot scrub and massage. It’s the perfect way to unwind if you’re short of time. Purely Polished is available in Sydney, Melbourne, and the Gold Coast.

2.     Caring for your cuticles
If you’re a chronic nail biter, or have damaged, cracked cuticles, you’re not alone. There’s little point in wearing a slick suit if your fingers look terrible. To help you look as presentable as you can be, our highly experienced nail technicians trim and moisturise your cuticles as part of the manicure. We prioritise hygiene and only use sterile tools.

3.     Experienced care
We’ve handpicked the best talent who have up to 25 years of experience training and working in the industry, and are personally vetted. They also undergo rigorous quality control checks to ensure you get the best professional service.

4.     Tidy and Groom
At selected locations, we offer a 15-minute tidy and groom service specifically tailored to the busy professional – featuring a file, shape and buff and light cuticle care, all the essentials to give your nails a healthy shine and boost your confidence at work and leisure time.

Nail care is an essential part of personal grooming for many men, so why isn’t it yours? Get your polished look now!

Wedding Manicures

 Wedding bridal nails

Getting a bridal manicure and pedicure is often overlooked by brides, considering all the other elements that go into planning your wedding. But if you’re getting your make up done, it makes sense to hire a professional for your bridal nails. Your hands will be the centre of attention, especially since your rings will be on display together with those close up shots. Our mobile manicure service means our highly trained professionals travel to anywhere in Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, so you don’t have to waste any time getting prepared on your special day.

Steps to Wedding-worthy nails:

  1. Pay attention to your hands in the few months leading up to the big day. Moisturise your hands vigorously. Take special care not to damage your hands when dishwashing, cleaning, or gardening.
  2. Apply cuticle oil if your cuticles are damaged, cracked, or broken. This nourishes and protects them from splitting or drying out.

  3. If your nails are not looking great in the weeks leading up to the wedding, consider getting a gel manicure professionally maintained by us.

  4. Stress can show up on your nails - from brittle, peeling nails to developing nervous habits of biting nails. Take a breather and relax with a soothing manicure or pedicure.

  5. Don’t forget your toes! Your feet may be hidden under your dress but they won’t be during the wedding night or honeymoon

Here’s some ideas on how Purely Polished’s other services can help make your nuptials even more perfect:

Pamper party with your bridesmaids

Spend quality time with your bridesmaids with our mobile manicure service. This is the perfect activity for catching up with long lost girlfriends, or bond with new ones. Manicures and pedicures are a great way to take the stress or nervousness out of your day as well.

 Men's manicure

Groom’s MAN-icure

The men can primp in the privacy of his home with a quick 15min groom and tidy. He’ll emerge from the experience with buffed nails and neatly trimmed hands, to match yours!



What are you waiting for? Book here now!