Self-care Rituals

‘Self-care’ a word that has recently been popping up and no doubt part of your 2017 new years resolutions. But how many of us actually stick to this resolution? We start with good intentions and then 2 or 3 months down the track we start to get distracted, like with most other resolutions. Although with this particular resolution, we tend to put it at the bottom of our to do list as the others tend to take priority. But for us to give our best to those around us we need to look after ourselves first.

So, how can we make it work? The best way to implement self-care in our day to day routine is to create a ritual. This can be on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The important thing is that it’s achievable and easy for you to implement. What I like to do is take a few hours in the morning, once a week, to go to a morning yoga class, grab a coffee by the beach then either go for a swim, get a massage or get my nails done. Not only does this give me some alone time, it gives me a chance focus on me, get in touch with my body and tap into what it may need. 

Here are some self-care rituals that you might like to put in place…

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1.     Meditate: put on your some relaxing music, find a comfortable and quite spot at home or outdoors.

2.     Yoga: There is nothing better than taking a yoga class. It’s a perfect way to re-connect with yourself, stretch out your body and rejuvanate.

3.     Journal: Writing daily is so important. It gives you better mental capacity, improves overall focus and prepares you for the next day.

4.     Get outdoors: Take a walk along a beach, through your favourite park, a hike through the bush. Nature can really help you slow down and clear your mind.

5.     Take a bath: soak yourself in a relaxing hot bath, and don't forget to add in our favourite soak from Soak Society. It's grea for your health and gives you some me-time at home.

6.     Pamper yourself: book in a facial, massage or manicure. It gives you a chance to totally unwind, relax and de-stress.

Hope these tips will help you get started!