Amy Pierce of Paint Nail Lacquer chats to us about her love of colour...

Amy Pierce of Paint Nail Lacquer

Why did you decide to start Paint Nail Lacquer? 

Paint was born because of my love of colour. I am an interior designer and when I was working on projects and using the paint fan decks I would often find myself wishing I could have this specific shade in a nail polish. From here I combined my passions; colour, design and beauty. Paint is also a platform to express myself. It brings me so much joy and satisfaction to continually grow and evolve my brand. Not only do I enjoy providing a product to the market but the process behind the scenes is what I find most rewarding. It is a creative outlet which I am genuinely so passionate about.

You're also an Interior Designer, how did your skills help you start this business?

Being in the design industry has helped me immensely. Ranging from having the skills to develop my own logo and branding (using the computer programs etc) to colour forecasting and curating my Instagram account. I even use the structure I have learned to run my my projects to ensure the goals I set for Paint are put into action and followed through.

Your nail polish range has been a favourite with our clients because of the stunning on-trend colours, and with our Nail Stylists because of the amazing quality - how did you get it so right?

Thank you! I always strive to achieve the best possible result and constantly trying to improve my product. I wanted to make sure I release a product that I am proud of.

Your new summer range is gorgeous, where do you get your inspiration from?

I gather inspiration from fashion labels, colour forecast's and my insight from working in the interior design industry. I tend to ignore the typical notion of selecting colours to match a season and just go with colours which I believe to be on trend. 

Which colour is your top pick for this season?

I have many favourites but Tuscan Summer seems to be my go-to at the moment - this is a fresh but earthy colour. I also love Amazon Haze as it's a very trans seasonal colour which seems to go with most of my outfits.

What exciting things do you have in store for Paint Nail Lacquer this year? 

I am about to release a black nail polish called 'Black Dog' - Profits from every sale of this colour will be donated to Black Dog Institute to help raise money for the organisation so that they can continue to improve the lives of people affected by mental illness. I will be posting images of the colour and statistics on my social media accounts to raise awareness. Black Dog will be worn proudly by those who suffer from a mental illness or by others to show their support. I am really excited for this release as it's my small contribution to make a difference in an area which I personally feel very passionate about. 

I am also very excited about our collaboration colour which is a work in progress!

Paint Nail Lacquer