Why go 5-free?

Why we use only 5 free nail polishes

These few years have seen a sweeping revolution in the way women choose cosmetics. Consumers are increasingly turning towards safer and natural products. These demands are being acknowledged by the beauty industry, through the release of products spanning from mineral foundations to organic lipstick. Nail polishes are no exception, where technology has enabled nail polishes to become safer and more environmentally responsible without compromising on convenience and quality.

Death by nail polish
Conventional nail polishes contain several harmful chemicals:
·   Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP) Used to increase fluidity of the nail polish, it has been linked to cancer as well as reproductive issues and birth defects.
·   Formaldehyde used in embalming, it hardens the nail. It also causes cancer, in addition to breathing issues and allergic reactions
·   Toluene used to smoothen nail polish, as well as controlling its evaporation. It has been linked to birth defects, as well as liver and kidney damage.  
·   Formaldehyde Resin (Tosylamide/TSFR) is a suspending agent used to give a glossy look, and a known toxin.
·   Camphor used as a plasticiser. It is highly flammable with multiple health concerns including dizziness and headaches.

5–free polishes
Not only are these chemicals harmful to people receiving regular manicures, the manicurists bear the brunt of the side effects who use it on a daily basis. 5–free polishes contain none of the chemicals listed above, and is a critical factor in why Purely Polished only uses 5-free polishes.  A recent study conducted by Duke University concludes that the human body absorbs chemicals through nail polish, and that at least one potentially hormone-disrupting chemical is absorbed every manicure.

How can we help?
Purely Polished can help – we only use 5-free polishes. The brands we use are Faby Lacquer & Gels, Paint Nail Lacquer and The Good Polish, which don’t compromise on quality. Trendy, healthy and convenient!