Organic make-up artist, Liv Lundelius, tells us why she chooses 'clean beauty'...

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you started your career as a Makeup Artist

Liv Lundelius Makeup Artist interview for Purely Polished

I wanted to work in the fashion/creative industry for as long I can remember. After an apprenticeship in hairdressing,  I studied Fashion Design in art school in Berlin, 
which brought me to work for a great label in NYC, my passion and consistent interested in makeup then awarded me a scholarship for a makeup course in London, after which I fully transitioned into the world of beauty. That's it in a nutshell. I believe that we all have a unique character a particular style that helps us express who we are as individuals. 
I believe in seeing beyond trends and in creating effortless makeup that reflects my client's personal style. I find inspiration in life, love and the stories behind people. I believe that everyone is beautiful.

You've built a huge following and are known as one of the best in Sydney, what assisted you in building this reputation?

(Blush!) Thank you! I believe that if you consistently deliver good work and love what you do you will get noticed. Then one job leads to another. 
When I moved to Sydney only 4 years ago, I did find that people are happy to recommend you further and spread the word, if they were happy with your work. I have been in the industry for a while before though and building a good portfolio and lots of international experience. 
Makeup is really mostly learning by doing and also to always keep learning.

We love that you've chosen to incorporate as many natural and organic make-up products on the job, what led you to this and why is it important to you?

It's simply something that's close to my heart and what I personally believe in. I am all about holistic health, am passionate about animal welfare and environmental issues. That's why it's really important to me to promote those values in my work and help educate people using products that are better for their health, as well as cruelty-free and non-toxic. I am happy that it seems to finally catch on and that it has become "trendy" to use organic cosmetics. Most professional models ask for it and are more cautious about the products that will be used on them as well. Yet, there is still a lot to do, most professional makeup artist are still using brands (like MAC etc) who DO test on animals and contain many allergens and questionable ingredients. With so many great alternatives out there, there is no need for this anymore. However it takes a lot of knowledge, research and also money to work with a clean & green makeup kit.

Do you feel the beauty industry is doing it's fair share to remove toxic ingredients from their make-up formula's?

I feel it's a slow process and that the major so-called "luxury" department store brands resist the change the hardest. Stay away from those and their glitzy packaging!

Most countries including Australia have no regulations as to what the companies are allowed to put into cosmetics. Consumers do have to educate themselves. I was actually shocked, coming from Europe, what is allowed to be sold here. It's much more strict over there, yet still not strict enough. They make a great profit using cheap ingredients and spending on marketing and packaging labelling their products as luxurious. Most consumers don't know anything about the ingredient lists and just buy into the marketing. Small boutique brands are developing better and better formulas with truly

High-end quality ingredients and informed consumers should always look for them. It's like with good food, your big brands give you the worst quality processed stuff, and if you go to the local markets you get the quality produce. Same with cosmetics.

What are your top five natural beauty must have's?

  1. Coconut Oil, it's just so versatile and can be used on skin & hair.
  2. Edible Beauty Soothe Me Balm, it's a lightweight gel that fixes all sorts of skin issues, from breakouts to rashes.
  3. Magnesium Bath Salts, the most relaxing thing after a long day, also very nourishing and calming, restores muscles and sets you up for a wonderful night of beauty sleep.
  4. Eco Tan Face Tan Water, it gives a beautiful glow overnight.
  5. Jane Iredale lipgloss, hydrating, vegan, fits in any small bag, the best natural gloss that I have found and use in my professional kit.

What are your colour trend predictions for Autumn/Winter 2017?

There seems to be a lot of earthy vibes going on, greens, khaki, neutrals. I am still in a bit of a pastel mood myself, loving blush and peach colours, which might be due to me being pregnant?

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Liv Lundelius Makeup Artist Interview with Purely Polished