5 mins with Katy Beeson, the maker of skin care range Theseeke

Why did you decide to start Theseeke?

I started working on the idea of the brand when I was a stressed out fashion designer. I found that my only time of calm each day was becoming my time in the morning and evening when I showered. That time each day kept me sane, it calmed me. I have always made my own natural skincare at different times in my life due to my skin being sensitive to most skincare brands that I had tried. I was constantly looking to deadlines and designing ranges that were a year in advance, I got in to the mindset of always looking at the future and never really having an awareness of the moment I was in, I began not really enjoying my everyday life. I decided to start the brand as a way of reminding myself to live in the now and enjoy the moment I was in, because we're not guaranteed anymore than that. I wanted the products to smell, look and feel beautiful as well as create a peaceful environment as a daily reminder to stop and appreciate those simple little tasks that make up so many moments of our lives.  

What has your journey been like so far?

Up and down! It's been a massive learning curve and not one I would likely take if I knew then what I know now. It's definitely been worthwhile though. It's a lot of work and now I think I must have been a little bit bonkers to take it on.

We love using your products in our treatments, and our clients adore them too! How did you get the formula so right?

Lots of testing and samples and a lot of failed attempts. I've had a great group of family and friends that have used everything when it was being developed and a lot of honest feedback. I also have a great chemist that helps me refine formulas.

Your products are all plant derived and natural, why is natural skin care important to you?

We live in a pretty toxic world, so I don't see the sense in adding more chemicals to our bodies when there's so many better alternatives. We've got all these amazing plants on this earth, why not use them? It's also really important to me to make sure we aren't destroying the earth in harvesting these products, so I make sure my ingredients are cruelty free and ethical. 

You recently had a re-launch, which products are your favourites?

It changes all the time but I'm using the roll on rose elixir as my face moisturiser at the moment and always my hydration spray, I love hyaluronic acid which helps the skin to absorb all the fantastic antioxidants and enzymes in hydration and pineapple  which contains an enzyme  called bromelain, it helps the exfoliate the skin! 

Do you have any tips on how to care for skin during winter?

Keep up the hydration, drink lots of water and exfoliate, you should always listen to your skin and change your routine accordingly. Your skin changes all the time, don't get in to the mind set of thinking you have a particular skin type, it's a trap!