Winter skin care tips from Salus Body's Jason

Salus Body

What is Salus and why did you decide to start the business
'Salus' was the ancient Roman Goddess of health and prosperity. I love our connection to the Salus Goddess and developed our spa inspired range to help calm the mind, nourish the body and reconnect. Salus began after spending over 20 years in the spa and fitness industry. I saw an opportunity to introduce unique range spa inspired products that were Australian made, botanically rich and affordable. 

Your range of products have amazing combinations of essential oils, what was your inspiration
When developing new products I was inspired by nature. When developing a new combination of essential oils we focus on the purpose in which they are being used for. When developing a new hand cream, for example, we look to use lavender essential oil to help with inflammation, rose essential oil for scaring or mandarin to promote repair. 

Why is using natural and organic ingredients so important to you
Natural and organic ingredients provide skin benefits that synthetic or chemically manufactured ingredients are unlikely to provide. When considering what products are right for your skin it is also worth considering what ingredients companies don't formulate with eg: synthetic fragrances, synthetic colour, sodium laurel sulfates, glycols, parabens or mineral oils. Including these 'skin nasties' will often counteract any benefits the inclusion of natural or organic ingredients provide. 

Our clients, and not to mention our nail stylists, are loving your range, what are your top three selling products
With the onset of winter we're seeing an increase in popularity for our Lavender & Mandarin Hand & Cuticle Cream, our Calendula & Shea Butter Hydrating Body Cream and NEW Vanilla Lip Balm.

Do you have any advise on caring for your skin during the colder months
Winter months tend to be more drying on the skin as we spend more time beside heaters and fires. To get more out of your body hydrators we recommend you exfoliate before applying your oil or cream - regular exfoliation will help promote healthier skin through removing dead skin cells and increasing blood circulation.