4 Steps to Maintaining Your Glow This Winter

As the temperatures in Sydney and Melbourne drop, your motivation to keep yourself looking and feeling beautiful should rise! Read our winter beauty tips to keep you looking hot even when the weather is COLD!


It’s super important to maintain a good moisturising routine in winter. Cold air and wind can easily dry out your skin, as can rapid temperature changes, and so moving between indoor heating and the open weather throughout your day can be damaging to your skin. When picking your body moisturiser, avoid petroleum-based products. Look for natural ingredients with the specific properties that will work best for your skin. Shea butter, rose-hip and avocado oil are great natural hydrators that will keep your skin soft. Australian tea tree, calendula and jojoba have restorative properties that will heal cracked and damaged skin. We recommend Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Hand & Body LotionSalus' Calendula & Shea Butter Hydrating Body Cream and Aesop Primrose Facial Hydrating Cream 

Hair care

At some point or another we have all found our hair getting limp, frizzy or dry in winter. Winter is also a bad time for dandruff, as the changes in temperature affect the balance of natural oils in your scalp. Whilst of course all hair textures require a different approach to hydration, argan oil, grapeseed oil and coconut oil are generally great for adding moisture, so keep an eye out for those key ingredients in your hair care. If you find you’re having dandruff issues in the cooler months, it might be time to reach for a balancing shampoo and conditioner. The Kérastase Spécifique range are designed to target your problem areas – including both oily and dry dandruff. Tea Tree oil also works wonders at healing a damaged scalp. 

Happy, hydrated nails

Of course here at Purely Polished we are all about our nails! Just like your hair and skin, nails require a bit of TLC in cooler months to keep them pliable and stop brittle breakages. Cuticle creams are fantastic for the skin around your nail and your eponychium (the little fold of skin that is sometimes mistakenly called the cuticle) but to keep your nail plate hydrated and gets some nutrients delivered in to your matrix (where your nail grows from) you’ll need a good cuticle oil. Our nail techs recommend CND SolarOilNAF!Stuff Cuticle Oil Pens and The Body Shop Almond Nail & Cuticle Oil

Keeping Cosy

lemon honey.jpg

Staying warm and cosy is one of the joys of winter! After all, it’s much easier to stay warm in winter than cool in summer. When selecting your knits, always check the label and make sure your knit is made of at least 50% organic materials, such as angora, cashmere, wool, camel or alpaca. Not only are these materials more breathable, soft and warm than artificial fibres, they’re also much more fire safe – especially wool! Avoid synthetic fibres like polyester, rayon and acrylic. Winter is also flu season, so sore throat remedies are a must. Add some slices of lemon and ginger in to a jar of honey and pop it in the fridge. This will make the honey crystallise in to a sort of jelly, which you can keep refrigerated for up to three months. Mix two to three teaspoons of this jelly in to a mug of boiling water, and you’ve got your own sore-throat tea all season!