5 Wellness Tips for Looking after your Mind, Body and Soul

Practicing good health isn’t just about looking after the physical aspects of your body. 

Quite often, we overlook the importance of having a healthy body, mind AND soul.  

It’s important to maintain a healthy balance with all three elements, and learn about what practices help nature your whole self. 

Below are 5 wellness tips that can help you look after your mind, body and soul.

1. Take some one-on-one time

Possibly one of the most important things one could do to look after themselves, is to take some one on one time.

Whether it be for a few hours a week, or making it part of your day to day ritual, the important thing is that it’s achievable and easy for you to implement.

Ways in which you can practice self care include practicing yoga, going for a swim or a walk outside in nature, or by simply getting a massage or your nails done

Not only does this give you some alone time, it can also give you a chance focus on yourself, get in touch with your body and tap into what it may need. 


2. Practice the art of deep breathing

Your breath is a very powerful tool and can help in reducing stress, and also aid in making you feel less anxious. 

You may find yourself running from meeting to meeting, or jumping from one activity to another, and may never take time to stop and just breathe. 

Simple breathing exercises can make a huge difference to how you feel, and as many breathing exercises only take 10 or so minutes, you can practice them no matter if you are at home, out and about or at the office. 

Tips for deep breathing include:

  • Find a space that is quiet and free of distractions

  • Have your eyes closed

  • Breathe in through your nose and let your stomach fill with air, and then breathe out through your mouth

Count in for 10 as you breathe in and out for 10 as you breathe out

3. Rest 

So often we underestimate how important it is to take rest days.

If you can, try and take a full day off to rest and rejuvenate. 

Cancel any plans you may have, and spend the day at home (or wherever you feel is best), and use the time to really switch off from everything - especially social media. 

We guarantee it’ll feel like you’ve had a mini break!


4. Unplug from your devices

Hands up if you often find yourself aimlessly scrolling through your Facebook or Instagram feed!

We are using our devices and are active on social media more often than ever before, which means it’s important to take a step back and unplug from all devices every once in a while. 

Whether that be putting your device in another room before going to bed (to avoid the 2am social media scroll or checking emails), or dedicating one day of the week to being completely offline; try and make this part of your weekly routine. 


5. Sleep

Another important thing that we often overlook is the importance of getting a good nights sleep. 

Sleep is a way for your body to regenerate, and having less than 7-8 hours of sleep each night can be detrimental to your health longterm. 

Ensure that you’re getting enough sleep each night, and remember that you can never be too old for an afternoon nap!  

 Images sourced via Pinterest.