Barre Body Bond + Ladies Day

About Barre Body

We’re not lying when we say, Barre Body, is for everybody.

Strong women, feeble women and everyone in between.

With a powerful focus on mindful movements, they offer the perfect suite of exercise classes, a range that certainly raises the Barre. Seriously. You can even select signature elements to help customize the perfect program for your fit.

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Our Barre Body bond

At Purely Polished, our brand mission very much aligns with Barre Body. We are a pair that thrive on delivering convenience and a strong work-life balance to young mothers and corporate ladies. Empowering women, self confidence and self-care are what we stand for.

Surely something worth celebrating?

Let’s find out what happens out of class hours at Barre Body.


The Lovely “Lady Powers” Event

Saturday, October 13, saw the inaugural Lady Powers event in full swing, and oh she was a beauty. We proudly partnered with BB to paint nails, whilst goodie bags were enjoyed and champagne was sipped.

A day full of some of the things us women are fond of:

  • Deliciousness + hydration provided by Calipress + True Water

  • Studio Beautification by Leaf Supply

  • Love + Stalls by Lululemon, Purely Polished, True Water + Leaf Supply


So what did we take away from it? A little self care never hurt nobody. The event celebrated what it means to be a woman and live a purposeful life. The key is to feel good about yourself. How, you ask? By looking after yourself, and we spent the day doing just that.

From nutrient filled juices to greenery care, these were just some of the well-deserved luxuries.


The team here at PP are all for pampering with a purpose. It’s one thing to have healthy looking nails, but to improve confidence and wellbeing is the best thing about our wellness procedure.

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Why Barre Body

Being part of the BB experience, you will learn to love what they live and breathe, the good bits our body adores, from yoga and pilates to cardio and yin. But most importantly, you will learn to love your body back.

The formula to achieving a strong wellbeing is not just class presence and persistence. It’s all in the world class teachers (you can’t get anywhere else) who deliver stunning support and mentorship in the most gorgeous of gorgeous settings-  a boutique studio.

Yes Please.


Barre Body makes toning and transforming an addiction you won’t want to kick. Women of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, we’re looking at you.

To get started, book a Purely Polished service in the comfort of your home, office or hotel.