Purely Polished & Hurstville Private Hospital Partnership Anniversary


"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success." – Henry Ford 

Wednesday the 22nd of August marked the one-year anniversary of the proud partnership between Purely Polished and Hurstville Private Hospital, and what a year it has been!


A busy day that was celebrated with smiles, laughs, crying newborns and over 16 pedicures across the ward, what started out as a partnership has become a loyal friendship. One that is set to continue for years to come, this marked just the beginning.

Here’s to the future, it’s looking bright!

The scenery for the day included pink and blue balloons which lined the freshly painted walls and corridors. Natural light lent its way through the windows, into the modern feeling ward where happy patients, welcoming nurses and family and loved ones were seen smiling, left right and centre. It’s hard to believe that such a place could make a mother and her newborn feel any more welcome.


But with this partnership came a bit of extra flavour, a little too much, that some patients got quite a bit comfortable in their cosy set-up.

More than just the comfort of a luxurious beauty service and gorgeous products, but rather a personal and relaxing experience. Purely Polished technicians visit the maternity ward of the private hospital every week to pamper and make a fuss of the mothers who are waiting to welcome their beautiful little one, or in most cases already have.


Delivering to the hospital bed a vast range of bright colours, scented body creams and other additional high-quality services and products, who doesn’t want to look and feel great when not in their best state?

Both Hurstville Private and Purely Polished work together to ensure the visiting mothers are close to being back in the comfort of their own home. When lying in bed looking at your feet all day, it’s nice to know they have that glow going for them. That’s what we’re here for.


And sometimes it’s nice to have that girl on girl company, which is where the highly relatable technician Cindy comes in. She has children of her own and often shares the stories of her time in hospital and when she wishes someone walked in to give her a free pedicure. 


‘Yes please’, she hears every time she walks through the door of a new room after greeting ‘Complementary pedicure’. Never a knock back, in fact last week we had visiting family members ask for their nails done too!

Everyone was talking about the gold star service and someone who had lots to say included the Hurstville Private Hospital CEO Lloyd Adams. He expressed, “Purely Polished has been providing pedicure services to our mums during their stay at Hurstville Maternity since August 2017.We have been extremely happy with the service and value that they been able to add to our Maternity services.

Iman and her staff are very reliable and are always willing to take the extra mile to accommodate every patient’s needs. Cindy is always very pleasant and eager to ensure that the Patients feel comfortable and pampered. We are delighted that Purely Polished can continue to provide the excellent service to our patients during their stay in our Maternity unit”.

It’s no wonder why so many women choose the hospital to welcome their newborn. A private room where you can sit back, relax in your bed or on a window seat with stunning feet, you can’t really beat it.


What has proven to be a successful partnership is now enjoyed by mothers who were once patients and have carried on with the service upon their return from hospital.

So, say goodbye to the babysitter (for now), trip to the nail salon when you arrive home, or a coat of polish done by your two-year-old (it’s cute and everything but save them the job) because we travel to suit your needs and meet the busy life balance.

To say we are excited for the years to come is an understatement and every day at Hurstville marks a new journey for both mothers, newborns, the hospital staff and Purely Polished.