Office Manicures

Purely Polished Delivers Mobile ‘Manicures at Work’ to Corporates

With the busy lifestyles that many people lead, the majority of those that work in a corporate environment struggle to find time to schedule in a little “me time”. 

When launching Purely Polished, company Founder Iman Davamoni came to the realisation that getting to the nail salon or any salon for that matter was a real challenge for busy people like mums, professionals and shift workers.

She noticed in particular, that many professionals in the workplace didn’t have a lot to time to spend on personal tasks. 

Many would spend all day in the office, and then struggle to find a nail salon that was open at 9pm. 

 Which is why Purely Polished’s ‘Manicures at Work’ was launched. 

Office manicures @ Intuit HQ, Sydney

Office manicures @ Intuit HQ, Sydney

A service offering designed to be used by companies who want to support and nurture their employees, Manicures at Work aims to work with companies and businesses to offer manicure services in the workplace for their employees.  

At its core, this service offering aims to help women in the workplace, and make their lives a little easier. 

Offered in both Sydney and Melbourne, Manicures at Work has three different elements. 

Company Pays
Nail stylists are booked by the office for a block of hours to give complimentary services to employees. 

Company Subsidises
The business pays for a portion of the treatments, therefore employees pay a small price for each treatment.

 Employee Pays
Employees can book themselves in and pay for their preferred treatment and time of service. Service prices start from just $25 for a 15 minute manicure. 

Why Manicures at Work? 

Besides the fact that using this service can promote a small lifestyle change, and added freedom for woking women; the Purely Polished onsite visits to businesses are a great way to boost employee engagement in the workplace, and can be the perfect addition to any company wellness program. 

Engaged employees are more productive, meaning that this type of service can bring enthusiasm and energy to the workplace. 

Enabling employees a healthy work and home life balance, can also promote a healthy and happy work environment in which employees feel valued and in return, have a stronger commitment to the company in which they work for. 

Catering to both male and female employees

Catering to both male and female employees

Purely Polished launched in Sydney in 2016, and quickly spread to Melbourne with plans underway to launch in Brisbane later this month.

Purely Polished is continually growing and providing the opportunity for busy and in need people to relax, feel empowered and have amazing nails.

They have also expanded to include lash and spray tan treatments, and with hopes of expanding nationwide; Purely Polished aims to bring convenient and amazing beauty treatments to everyone.

You can find out more about our corporate services here, or contact us at if you would like to make a booking.