Top Winter Shades for the Season

It’s cold (and mostly gloomy) outside which means now’s a better time than ever to treat yourself with a manicure or pedicure! 

There are many signature nail colours which we all opt for at this time of year, but we could always do with some fresh inspiration! 

From icy shades of blue, to deep reds and neutrals, take a look below at the top winter nail colours that we guarantee will be most popular this season! 

1. Frosted Blue

It’s always good to inject a pop of colour into your life during the colder months, and what a perfect way to do it with a frosty blue tone! 

This is a gorgeous shade which can look amazing paired with silver or gold accents, or even with your favourite knit. 

Nails 4.jpg

2. Metallic Gold & Silver

Metallic tones are similar to neutrals and can really compliment any outfit - especially when they’re in a gold or silver shade! 

This is the ideal colour for wearing for a night out with the girls!

Nails 2.jpg

3. Maroon (aka your favourite glass of red)

Think about your favourite glass of red wine, and imagine it being the shade of your nails! Maroon or red wine coloured nails are absolutely IN this season. 

Pair alongside a gorgeous jewelled ring and a glass of wine and you’re sorted!

Nails 1.jpg

4. Sophisticated Black

If you tend to wear a lot of black throughout winter, it makes sense to have your nails match too! 

Black nail shades can instantly give you an edgy look, and is an easy colour to opt for when you’re struggling to decide what to pick.

5. Nice & Neutral

You’ll often see a lot of neutral nail tones worn throughout this time of year, as it’s a simple and nice way to give your nails coverage and colour, without going OTT. 

If you want to add a touch of sparkle, you could always paint one nail on each finger a sparkly or metallic shade too! 

6. Emerald Green

Dark/emerald greens are all the rage this season - and trust us when we say we can see this shade being a trend for quite some time.

Don’t you agree that this colour is luxuriously smooth and eye catching?

Nails 3.jpg

7. Cherry Red

A cherry red can always ben the perfect option when you’re looking for a way to inject a touch of colour. 

This is a classic salon staple, which is vibrant and super flattering on any skin tone!

What’s your favourite winter nail polish shade? Comment in the box below!