Eyelash Lifts and Tints


Eyelash Lift

$135 for 45 minutes

A lash lift is the perfect low maintenance, high impact alternative to lash extensions. Results last for up to 12 weeks and permit swimming, washing and showering as normal. A collagen eye mask is first applied to the under-eye region. A trained lash technician cleans and preps the eyes. Lashes are then lifted to curl over a silicone rod. Lifting and setting lotion are applied to give lashes long lasting curls. All lotions are removed. Eyes look more awake, open and the eye’s natural beauty is enhanced.

Eyelash LIFT and Tint

$150 for 60 mins

The same lifting procedure as described above with the added benefit of a lash tint to give the appearance of longer, thicker and darker lashes. Perfect for those with fair/light coloured eyelashes that want to darken their lashes without mascara.