Welcome to Purely Polished! We're so excited to have you onboard.

When you partner with us, you receive...
Access to more jobs in your area
Competitive rates
Flexible schedule
Opportunities to work with top brands and celebrities
Opportunity for growth

As a Purely Polished Partner, you will be operating as an 'Independent Service Provider'. This means you will be working under your own ABN. Please read our Service Provider Agreement which outlines the terms and conditions of partnering with Purely Polished as well as our fee schedule.  To understand how Purely Polished operate, the way we do things and how you fit in, please also read the Purely Polished Handbook.

Once you've read through the agreement, handbook and before you start working with us, you'll be required to complete the stylist registration below, along with providing the required documents.

If you have any questions please contact

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