Top Winter Shades for the Season

It’s cold (and mostly gloomy) outside which means now’s a better time than ever to treat yourself with a manicure or pedicure! 

There are many signature nail colours which we all opt for at this time of year, but we could always do with some fresh inspiration! 

From icy shades of blue, to deep reds and neutrals, take a look below at the top winter nail colours that we guarantee will be most popular this season! 

1. Frosted Blue

It’s always good to inject a pop of colour into your life during the colder months, and what a perfect way to do it with a frosty blue tone! 

This is a gorgeous shade which can look amazing paired with silver or gold accents, or even with your favourite knit. 

Nails 4.jpg

2. Metallic Gold & Silver

Metallic tones are similar to neutrals and can really compliment any outfit - especially when they’re in a gold or silver shade! 

This is the ideal colour for wearing for a night out with the girls!

Nails 2.jpg

3. Maroon (aka your favourite glass of red)

Think about your favourite glass of red wine, and imagine it being the shade of your nails! Maroon or red wine coloured nails are absolutely IN this season. 

Pair alongside a gorgeous jewelled ring and a glass of wine and you’re sorted!

Nails 1.jpg

4. Sophisticated Black

If you tend to wear a lot of black throughout winter, it makes sense to have your nails match too! 

Black nail shades can instantly give you an edgy look, and is an easy colour to opt for when you’re struggling to decide what to pick.

5. Nice & Neutral

You’ll often see a lot of neutral nail tones worn throughout this time of year, as it’s a simple and nice way to give your nails coverage and colour, without going OTT. 

If you want to add a touch of sparkle, you could always paint one nail on each finger a sparkly or metallic shade too! 

6. Emerald Green

Dark/emerald greens are all the rage this season - and trust us when we say we can see this shade being a trend for quite some time.

Don’t you agree that this colour is luxuriously smooth and eye catching?

Nails 3.jpg

7. Cherry Red

A cherry red can always ben the perfect option when you’re looking for a way to inject a touch of colour. 

This is a classic salon staple, which is vibrant and super flattering on any skin tone!

What’s your favourite winter nail polish shade? Comment in the box below!

5 Tips for Taking Care of Your Skin In Winter

Whether we love it or hate it, winter is here and it’s sticking around for a little while. 

Whilst this means we get to wear warm knits, drink warm mugs of hot chocolate and sit by a delicious fire; it also means that our skin can get a little irritated due to the cold conditions outside. 

Whilst winter can cause your skin to feel dry, irritated and dehydrated, there are a few simple ways in which you can give it some TLC this season. 

1. Drink plenty of water

Never underestimate the importance of drinking plenty of water in the winter months. Due to more time spent inside, the low humidity at this time of year can actually strip the skin of its moisture. This means that it’s SO important to keep on top of your water intake.

If you struggle to remember to drink water, we recommend keeping a bottle by your desk at work that you sip on throughout the day. 

And, if water isn’t something you enjoy drinking, add a little flavour with some lemon and lime, or opt for a warm herbal tea instead that will help you feel healthy and hydrated. 


2. Keep your showers short

Whilst it can be extremely tempting to have a steaming hot 15 minute shower each morning as your body defrosts from the outside, hot showers can actually dehydrate you. 

Not only that, but they can also strip away natural oils from your body. 

Your skin will benefit a lot more from a 5-10 minute, lukewarm shower or bath. If you find that you step out of the shower and your skin is red and irritated, then you may have overdone it. 

3. Moisturise often

Moisturising is KEY at this time of the year, and is so beneficial for your skin (especially after showering).

Invest in a good quality, cream or ointment and apply it to your body after your morning shower, and in the evening before you hop into bed. 

Applying hand cream throughout the day is also important, especially after washing your hands. Also ensure that you really work the moisturiser into your hands, and use a cuticle oil for your nails too!


4. Exfoliate Less

If your skin is quite dry at this time of year, refrain from exfoliating as regularly as you would in the warmer months. 

In the cooler months, your skin barrier is compromised due to the dryness and cool air. 

Limiting your exfoliation to once a week, or once every two weeks is key at this time of year, as it will also allow your moisturiser to work a lot better too. 


5. Hydrate from the inside out

If your skin is quite dry at this time of year, refrain from exfoliating as regularly as you would in the warmer months. 

 In the cooler months, your skin barrier is compromised due to the dryness and cool air. 

 Limiting your exfoliation to once a week, or once every two weeks is key at this time of year, as it will also allow your moisturiser to work a lot better too. 

Get The Perfect Natural Glow with Purely Polished

If you like to have a little bit of glow during the cooler months, a Purely Polished Full Body Bronze is sure to provide you with a natural, sun kissed full body glow. 

With a bronze that can last up to 10 days, you’ll look and feel like you’ve just come back from a glorious summer holiday. 

What’s better yet is that you can get this glow in the comfort and privacy of your own home, as our Purely Polished technicians come to you (which means no more heading to a salon late at night in your baggy clothing!). 

Our trained technicians will also help to advise you on the perfect glow for your skin, and use superior salon quality products such as Techno TanMoroccan Tan, St Tropez and Black Magic Tan

mobile spray tan sydney

We want your spray tan to last and look natural for as long as possible. 

Here are some tips on how you can prepare your skin beforehand, and maintain that natural glow afterwards. 

Spray Tan Preparation

Preparing your skin is key before any spray tan treatment, as it’s the work you do beforehand, that will ensure your spray tan lasts.  

  • Shave no less than 24 hours before your appointment. Shaving is a form of exfoliation, and will rid of all your dry skin before you are sprayed. If you do shave after this time window, the self-tan will settle into your newly opened hair follicles and cause a pitted dark spot effect.

  •  Exfoliate your entire body 24-48 hours before to ensure that you have removed all the dead skin cells. 

  •  Don’t apply any body lotions or perfumes before your appointment, as these can interfere with the spray tan developments.

  • Wear loose clothing after your treatment. 

  • As spray tans develop into their full colour in 12-24 hours, we also suggest booking your appointment at for least 48 hours before you want your tan to be at it’s best (i.e a couple of days before an event). 

mobile spray tan melbourne

Spray Tan Aftercare

We want your spray tan to last the distance, so here are a few things you should keep in mind after your appointment. 

  • Take a cold shower after treatment - however refrain from using soap or scrubbing. 

  • Pat yourself dry after each shower, and do not rub. 

  • If you can, avoid excessive sweating or high intensity exercise.

  • A few days after your treatment, we suggest using a Ph balanced body wash. 

  • Daily moisturising is super important, and is key to keeping your tan intact and prolong it. Doing this before bed is best, as your pores open up more allowing more hydration into the skin.

 Book one of our mobile Spray Tan Experts here!

5 Wellness Tips for Looking after your Mind, Body and Soul

Practicing good health isn’t just about looking after the physical aspects of your body. 

Quite often, we overlook the importance of having a healthy body, mind AND soul.  

It’s important to maintain a healthy balance with all three elements, and learn about what practices help nature your whole self. 

Below are 5 wellness tips that can help you look after your mind, body and soul.

1. Take some one-on-one time

Possibly one of the most important things one could do to look after themselves, is to take some one on one time.

Whether it be for a few hours a week, or making it part of your day to day ritual, the important thing is that it’s achievable and easy for you to implement.

Ways in which you can practice self care include practicing yoga, going for a swim or a walk outside in nature, or by simply getting a massage or your nails done

Not only does this give you some alone time, it can also give you a chance focus on yourself, get in touch with your body and tap into what it may need. 


2. Practice the art of deep breathing

Your breath is a very powerful tool and can help in reducing stress, and also aid in making you feel less anxious. 

You may find yourself running from meeting to meeting, or jumping from one activity to another, and may never take time to stop and just breathe. 

Simple breathing exercises can make a huge difference to how you feel, and as many breathing exercises only take 10 or so minutes, you can practice them no matter if you are at home, out and about or at the office. 

Tips for deep breathing include:

  • Find a space that is quiet and free of distractions

  • Have your eyes closed

  • Breathe in through your nose and let your stomach fill with air, and then breathe out through your mouth

Count in for 10 as you breathe in and out for 10 as you breathe out

3. Rest 

So often we underestimate how important it is to take rest days.

If you can, try and take a full day off to rest and rejuvenate. 

Cancel any plans you may have, and spend the day at home (or wherever you feel is best), and use the time to really switch off from everything - especially social media. 

We guarantee it’ll feel like you’ve had a mini break!


4. Unplug from your devices

Hands up if you often find yourself aimlessly scrolling through your Facebook or Instagram feed!

We are using our devices and are active on social media more often than ever before, which means it’s important to take a step back and unplug from all devices every once in a while. 

Whether that be putting your device in another room before going to bed (to avoid the 2am social media scroll or checking emails), or dedicating one day of the week to being completely offline; try and make this part of your weekly routine. 


5. Sleep

Another important thing that we often overlook is the importance of getting a good nights sleep. 

Sleep is a way for your body to regenerate, and having less than 7-8 hours of sleep each night can be detrimental to your health longterm. 

Ensure that you’re getting enough sleep each night, and remember that you can never be too old for an afternoon nap!  

 Images sourced via Pinterest. 

Purely Polished Delivers Mobile ‘Manicures at Work’ to Corporates

With the busy lifestyles that many people lead, the majority of those that work in a corporate environment struggle to find time to schedule in a little “me time”. 

When launching Purely Polished, company Founder Iman Davamoni came to the realisation that getting to the nail salon or any salon for that matter was a real challenge for busy people like mums, professionals and shift workers.

She noticed in particular, that many professionals in the workplace didn’t have a lot to time to spend on personal tasks. 

Many would spend all day in the office, and then struggle to find a nail salon that was open at 9pm. 

 Which is why Purely Polished’s ‘Manicures at Work’ was launched. 

Office manicures @ Intuit HQ, Sydney

Office manicures @ Intuit HQ, Sydney

A service offering designed to be used by companies who want to support and nurture their employees, Manicures at Work aims to work with companies and businesses to offer manicure services in the workplace for their employees.  

At its core, this service offering aims to help women in the workplace, and make their lives a little easier. 

Offered in both Sydney and Melbourne, Manicures at Work has three different elements. 

Company Pays
Nail stylists are booked by the office for a block of hours to give complimentary services to employees. 

Company Subsidises
The business pays for a portion of the treatments, therefore employees pay a small price for each treatment.

 Employee Pays
Employees can book themselves in and pay for their preferred treatment and time of service. Service prices start from just $25 for a 15 minute manicure. 

Why Manicures at Work? 

Besides the fact that using this service can promote a small lifestyle change, and added freedom for woking women; the Purely Polished onsite visits to businesses are a great way to boost employee engagement in the workplace, and can be the perfect addition to any company wellness program. 

Engaged employees are more productive, meaning that this type of service can bring enthusiasm and energy to the workplace. 

Enabling employees a healthy work and home life balance, can also promote a healthy and happy work environment in which employees feel valued and in return, have a stronger commitment to the company in which they work for. 

Catering to both male and female employees

Catering to both male and female employees

Purely Polished launched in Sydney in 2016, and quickly spread to Melbourne with plans underway to launch in Brisbane later this month.

Purely Polished is continually growing and providing the opportunity for busy and in need people to relax, feel empowered and have amazing nails.

They have also expanded to include lash and spray tan treatments, and with hopes of expanding nationwide; Purely Polished aims to bring convenient and amazing beauty treatments to everyone.

You can find out more about our corporate services here, or contact us at if you would like to make a booking.

5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Manicure

Everyone likes to ensure that their manicure lasts post the final coat of polish.

 Whether it’s via an at home manicure, or one done by a nail technician; there’s nothing worse than a manicure chipping.

Whilst many professional polishes are designed to withstand more than a regular nail polish, there is still a chance that you may not get the most out of your manicure.

To avoid this from happening, here are some tips for keeping your mani fresh and on point!

1.     Keep your nails and hands hydrated daily

Ideally you want your manicure to last up to two weeks or more, before you need a refresh or touch up.

To prolong the freshness of your manicure, we recommend keeping your nails and cuticles as hydrated as possible. Ideally, you want to be applying cuticle oil at night before bed, and then moisturiser over the top.

 Cuticle oils are fantastic for the skin around your nail and your eponychium (the little fold of skin that is sometimes mistakenly called the cuticle). Our nail techs recommend CND SolarOilNAF!Stuff Cuticle Oil Pens and The Body Shop Almond Nail & Cuticle Oil

Applying this at night is best, so that they have time to hydrate overnight. Drinking plenty of water during the day can help too!

Cuticle Oil Image - Image sourced from

Cuticle Oil Image - Image sourced from

2. Treat your nails with care

 It can be easy to use your nails as tools, such as for opening cans or other menial tasks.

 Doing this can easily break your nails, and cause the polish or gel to chip and wear off.

 It’s important to be more conscious of how you use your hands for day to day activities as well, including washing the dishes. Keeping your nails out of warm or hot water is also key for making them last longer too.

 If you’re washing up in the sink, it may be a good idea to wear dishwashing gloves to cover your manicure when you’re washing the dishes. This is especially important following the few days post getting your manicure.

 3. Avoid filing your nails

It can be tempting to touch up your nails with a nail file in between visits to the salon, especially if your nails grow quickly.

We suggest avoiding this as much as possible, as filing your nails in between manicures can break the seal of the gel polish, which can result in splitting and chipping of the polish.

Keeping your nails short for your manicure can help with this, as long nails are more prone to chipping and breaking.

Nail file Image - Image sourced from

Nail file Image - Image sourced from

4. Dont pick your nails

 This one is probably quite obvious, however can be an easy mistake to make when it comes to taking care of your manicure.

It’s best to ensure that you avoid picking or chewing on your nails, as this can remove the gel coating.

Towards the end of the lifespan of your manicure, it can be tempting to pick the polish off yourself, rather than get a professional to do so. Whilst this can be tempting, it can actually cause your nails to thin out and become brittle.

5. Allow your nails enough time to dry properly

 This means not rushing out the door after your salon manicure, and not using your hands straight away after an at home manicure.

 You want to allow up to an hour or so for your manicure to fully dry to prevent smudges.

This means avoiding things like washing the dishes, or any heavy lifting or hand work with your freshly painted nails.

Drying nails Image - Image sourced from

Drying nails Image - Image sourced from

Purely Polished & WeWork Join Hands for Polished Man

Purely Polished & WeWork Join Hands for Polished Man

We, Purely Polished & WeWork Pyrmont, invite you to join our solemn promise and make a statement with a meaning—support the efforts to end child abuse via the Polished Man campaign, this October. Support Us, Donate and Paint a nail to show you stand for children.

Press | The unvarnished truth: How to repair your nails at home after they've been damaged by shellac, SNS and acrylics

Press | The unvarnished truth: How to repair your nails at home after they've been damaged by shellac, SNS and acrylics

Read our FEMAIL Daily Mail article with founder and nail expert, Iman Davamoni of Purely Polished. Iman talks through different manicure treatments and how to take care of your nails at home after.